We repeat the format of previous years combining Aliwal Shoal and Sardine Run. A trip that will allow us to make the most impressive dives in South Africa, with incredible opportunities so that we can make our best photographs.Ragged sharks, oceanic blacktip, bull, dusky, whales and dolphins with albatrosses and petrels dive for prey. A unique experience.

Date: JUNE / 16 - 30 / 2019

PRICE: 3.580 € + tax

GROUP: 4 participants

LEVEL: Advanced


Aliwal Shoal diving offers varied dives, with the possibility of photographing from nudibranchs to marine mammals and wrecks. The most interesting species are ragged sharks and oceanic blacktip sharks.


The Sardine Run Expedition is a unique wildlife encounter, following the annual sardine migration along South Africa’s beautifully rugged coastline. Typically, the annual migration of the Sardines from their beginnings in the Southern Cape to being sighted off shore on South Africa’s Wild Coast starts in June each year.  As the shoals of Sardines move north wards up the coast the size of the sardines shoals tend to grow, ultimately forming the ‘greatest shoal on earth’. This amazing journey attracts a multitude of predators that track and follow the sardines migration, exploiting this localized and abundant food source.


It is hard to describe the excitement of the dolphins, numerous bird species, whales, cape fur seals and sharks as they ‘hunt’ the sardines.  You can actually hear the excited squeals of the thousands of Common and Bottlenose Dolphins as they travel in large breaching waves to pursue their prey, long before you see them.  Contributing to the noise and surface action are the birds, albatross (yellow nose and black browed), terns and petrels, diving into the shoals of Sardines from a great height.  Humpback southern right and Brydes whales can also be seen in pursuit of this moving feast.


Below the surface the action continues with the sharks (dusky, blacktip, whitetip and bull) feasting on the sardines and other marine life.  The cape fur seals actually sleep with one eye open, ready to react should they see a large shark in their vicinity.

During the first stage in Umkomaas, for diving at Aliwal Shoal, we will stay at Agulhas House. For the second stage at Mpame, and the program of the Sardine Runn, we will use the small fishing lodge Bulls Inn


JUN/16 – Flight Madrid or Barcelona – Dubai – Durban. Night on board.

JUN/17 – Arrival in Durwan. Transfer by road to Umkomaas. Accommodation.

JUN/18 to 21 – Days of stay in Umkomaas. During these days we will make 2 dives per day at Aliwal Shoal, including special dives with oceanic blacktip sharks and dive with ragged sharks.

JUN/22 – . Transfer by road to Mpame. Acommodation.

JUN/23 to 28 -  In these days we will have as base of operations the small fishing lodge Bulls Inn, from where daily we will make excursions to dive in the Sardine Run, with permanent action under the waters.

JUN/29 – Transfer to Umtata airport and flight to Johannesburg. Connection with the return flight to Spain. Night on board.

JUN/30 – Arrival in Spain and end of the trip. 


  • International flights
  • Local flight
  • Transfers
  • 5 nights at Agulhas House in Umkomaas
  • 4 diving days in Aliwal Shoal:
    • 6 reef, wreck and ragged dives
    • 2 oceanic blacktip shark dives
    • 7 nights at Bulls Inn in Mpame
    • Sardine Run dive program
    • Diving permit
    • Tanks and weights
    • Full board during both stays
    • Travel, cancellation and diving extended insurance

This trip is designed and organized by the travel agency Ultima Frontera, CICMA 1197. He has over 25 years of experience in organizing dive trips. To booking contact us. For more information about conditions and cancellation, please see our Contract Conditions.