Our trips and expeditions, led by photographers Charo Gertrudix and Felipe Barrio, have been carefully selected and designed, considering that the main purpose of them is photography, whether underwater or wildlife. Depending on the characteristics of the program, the trip is focused so that the members of the group have a profile semi-professional or professional, advanced amateur, intermediate or beginner. In all cases the groups are small and the maximum number of members is restricted so that the work can be performed in the best possible way. Our tour leaders have many years of professional experience, both in the world of the image and in travel, and apart from the assistance to the participants day by day, they offer them advice and free training on photographic techniques.



For those looking to discover new places and get away from traditional routes. Kanpangar is located in Central Sulawesi (Indonesia), where there is only a small dive resort for only 10 divers. One opportunity to work various photographic disciplines, from wide angle to macro and blackwater.

OCTIBER / 15 - 25 / 2022

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Another of our programs designed for underwater photographers, and in a very special destination. From Gangga Island it is possible to dive in the archipelago of Bangkan but also you can access to the islands of Bunaken or Lembeh Strait. A set of really interesting dives and with the possibility of working from the wide angle to the most extreme macro.

OCTOBER / 6 - 18 / 2022

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Halmahera is one of the most pristine regions in Indonesia, with reefs yet to be explored and many options for underwater photography, from pelagic fauna to the most incredible reefs and of course first-class macro.

AUGUST / 18 – 28 / 2022

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An exciting twenty three day photographic adventure, diving in the best places in the southwest of Halmahera. We will make a first stage of ten nights aboard the Maluku Explorer - departing from Ternate and ending in Labuha - and a second stage of nine nights at Sali Bay Resort, on the island of Sali Kecil. Virgin reefs and areas to explore that guarantee excellent dives.

AUGUST / 6 - 28 / 2022

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Sailing from Male, this route makes a voyage almost to the southern tip of the Maldives visiting the incredible Fuvahmulah Atoll, home to an important colony of tiger sharks. This atoll is unique for the variety of species of sharks that we can see in the blue. Apart from Fuvahmulah, we will also dive North Male, South Male, Felidhoo, Mulako, Taa and Gaaf Alif.

FEB / 15 – MAR / 1 / 2022

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A new trip to the Egyptian Red Sea, visiting some of the most interesting places in the southern region, such as Elphistone Reef, Daedalus Reef and all the reefs of Fury Shoals. For this we will have, as on previous occasions, the Emperor Elite ship of the Emperro Divers fleet.

AUG/25 – SEP/4 / 2021

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A trip designed for underwater photographers passionate about wrecks. Truk is undoubtedly the world number one destination for this type of diving, since the opportunities it offers are tremendously varied and of great quality. Sunken ships of more than 200 m. of length, full of utensils and military equipment, great engine rooms, a tremendous proliferation of corals and abundant marine life.

OCT / 20 – NOV / 3 / 2019

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For any underwater photographer, the great white shark is a mandatory trip. Being able to be with these impressive animals is an incomparable experience and an opportunity to capture some of the most impressive images. A very specialized trip, in which all the dives are made with underwater cages and focused exclusively on contemplating and photographing these sharks.

AUG / 17 - 25 / 2019

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After several years traveling to other destinations, in 2019 we returned for the sixth time to Galapagos. As on previous occasions we have selected the Galapagos Aggressor boat, to make a classic route where the where the highlights are located on the islands of Wolf and Darwin. The purpose of the trip is to have option to make the most stunning photographs of large animals like whale sharks or hammerheads.

AUGUST / 7 – 16 / 2019

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We repeat the format of previous years combining Aliwal Shoal and Sardine Run. A trip that will allow us to make the most impressive dives in South Africa, with incredible opportunities so that we can make our best photographs.Ragged sharks, oceanic blacktip, bull, dusky, whales and dolphins with albatrosses and petrels dive for prey. A unique experience.

JUNE / 16 - 30 / 2019

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All programs have the technical organization of the travel agency Ultima Frontera. CIMA 1197.logo_UF_135x53_ag