Our trips and expeditions, led by photographers Charo Gertrudix and Felipe Barrio, have been carefully selected and designed, considering that the main purpose of them is photography, whether underwater or wildlife. Depending on the characteristics of the program, the trip is focused so that the members of the group have a profile semi-professional or professional, advanced amateur, intermediate or beginner. In all cases the groups are small and the maximum number of members is restricted so that the work can be performed in the best possible way. Our tour leaders have many years of professional experience, both in the world of the image and in travel, and apart from the assistance to the participants day by day, they offer them advice and free training on photographic techniques.



Donggala and Palu Bay offer us a different and exciting view of diving in Indonesia: diving in the waters of the Makasar Strait. A destination away from crowds (only this operator in 300 km) and with personalized service, which will allow us to make our best underwater photographs.

MARCH / 31 – APRIL / 10 / 2017

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Gorontalo is one of those little known destinations but it has a number of dives that make it really interesting. In its reefs we will be able to find the incredible sponges Salvador Dalí, next to a great diversity of tropical fish and other invertebrates. And all this has to add the attraction of dives with whale sharks.

APRIL / 7 - 17 / 2017

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A new edition of this fascinating journey, specially dedicated to shark’s photography, among which stands out the Tiger Shark. By the way we’ll see lots of Lemmon Sharks and Reef Sharks; as well it is quite possible to have encounters with Nurse Sharks, Bull Sharks and the Giant Hammerhead Shark. This year we introduce a novelty, because we will dedicate a specific day to do snorkel with Dolphins. An indispensable trip for any underwater photographer.

05-13 / MAY / 2017

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Join the team of UF Photo and come diving to Malpelo and Coiba islands, stunning dive destinations with large animals. This islands - between Cocos and Galapagos - is a meeting point for all kinds of sharks and other many pelagic species.

10 - 24 / AUGUST / 2017

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If you like discovering new destinations, underwater macro photography and remote places, this is your trip. From December 1 to 14, this trip is focused on discovering the most curious underwater creatures and being able to photograph or film them. Although if you do not practice either of these two disciplines but you like this type of animals, you will surely enjoy the same way in this destination that will surely start to be in the minds of many divers.

DECEMBER / 1-14 / 2017

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All programs have the technical organization of the travel agency Ultima Frontera. CIMA 1197.logo_UF_135x53_ag