Our trips and expeditions, led by photographers Charo Gertrudix and Felipe Barrio, have been carefully selected and designed, considering that the main purpose of them is photography, whether underwater or wildlife. Depending on the characteristics of the program, the trip is focused so that the members of the group have a profile semi-professional or professional, advanced amateur, intermediate or beginner. In all cases the groups are small and the maximum number of members is restricted so that the work can be performed in the best possible way. Our tour leaders have many years of professional experience, both in the world of the image and in travel, and apart from the assistance to the participants day by day, they offer them advice and free training on photographic techniques.



Expedition focused on the sighting and snokeling with humpback whales. To do this, we will take a cruise through the Silver Bank (Dominican Republic) aboard the Turks & Caicos Aggressor II ship. A unique and incomparable experience.

MARCH / 12 – 20 / 2022

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A new trip to the Egyptian Red Sea, visiting some of the most interesting places in the southern region, such as Elphistone Reef, Daedalus Reef and all the reefs of Fury Shoals. For this we will have, as on previous occasions, the Emperor Elite ship of the Emperro Divers fleet.

AUG/25 – SEP/4 / 2021

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A trip designed for underwater photographers passionate about wrecks. Truk is undoubtedly the world number one destination for this type of diving, since the opportunities it offers are tremendously varied and of great quality. Sunken ships of more than 200 m. of length, full of utensils and military equipment, great engine rooms, a tremendous proliferation of corals and abundant marine life.

OCT / 20 – NOV / 3 / 2019

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For any underwater photographer, the great white shark is a mandatory trip. Being able to be with these impressive animals is an incomparable experience and an opportunity to capture some of the most impressive images. A very specialized trip, in which all the dives are made with underwater cages and focused exclusively on contemplating and photographing these sharks.

AUG / 17 - 25 / 2019

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After several years traveling to other destinations, in 2019 we returned for the sixth time to Galapagos. As on previous occasions we have selected the Galapagos Aggressor boat, to make a classic route where the where the highlights are located on the islands of Wolf and Darwin. The purpose of the trip is to have option to make the most stunning photographs of large animals like whale sharks or hammerheads.

AUGUST / 7 – 16 / 2019

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We repeat the format of previous years combining Aliwal Shoal and Sardine Run. A trip that will allow us to make the most impressive dives in South Africa, with incredible opportunities so that we can make our best photographs.Ragged sharks, oceanic blacktip, bull, dusky, whales and dolphins with albatrosses and petrels dive for prey. A unique experience.

JUNE / 16 - 30 / 2019

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Malapascua offers unique opportunities to photograph thresher sharks, a very special animal that in few places is possible to see. But this destination also offers other very interesting immersions for underwater photography, with reefs full of fish and small creatures perfect for macro photography.

APR / 9 - 21 / 2019

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A trip designed to photograph some of the most emblematic marine species of Australia. Three stages: the first in Jervis Bay, famous for sand tiger sharks, Port Jackson sharks and weedy sea dragons; the second stage will be in Adelaide to dive in search of the leafy sea dragons, pajamas cuttlefish, zebra fish and a long list of really unique species; the final stage will be a liveaboard from Cairns and making an extensive itinerary of 10 nights arriving near Raine Is. and including diving points of the Coral Sea as Osprey Reef.

NOV / 7 – DEC / 14 / 2018

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An exciting itinerary to dive in the best places of Indonesian Borneo: Derawan, Kakaban, Sangalaki and Maratua Atoll. During the first stage of the trip we will make a cruise aboard the Raja Ampat Aggressor, to continue with a second stage on the island of Nabucco and ending on the island of Nunukan. A total of 50 dives to get the best pictures.

AUGUST / 6 - 29 / 2018

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A trip program focused on the photography of the great hammerhead shark (Sphyrna mokarran) although we will also have opportunities to dive with other species of sharks and different marine fauna, such as bull sharks, tiger sharks, lemon sharks, gray sharks, rays. A unique opportunity for sharks lovers.

FEB / 24 – MAR / 4 / 2018

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